The Heat is On


I feel so bad because my photos below are really pixelated but I just couldn’t afford to throw these off to the recycle bin =(

Anyway, I am on for a summer vacay today! Sun is every fashion blogger’s best friend so I won’t mind taking a pose and get burns, ok maybe just scorch a little, just to have these photos taken. Continue reading

Summer To-Do List


Oh it’s summer and I love it! I’m so ecstatic that I’m back in Cebu because I get to enjoy the beach in just a few minutes ride. Back when I was in Bacolod, I have to travel three hours or so just to feel the white sands in my feet and by the time we reach the beach, I am already in a sweat-dizzy mode. So yeah, I couldn’t be more thankful. Continue reading

Take Me to Coachella


If there is one place I’d love to be at this moment, that  would be in California. Owh, how can I be so predictable? Ikr? =) How about, for a while, let’s pretend  we actually have Coachella here in the Philippines, how cool is that? But then again, I couldn’t even afford to go to Wanderland Festival in Manila next week. Continue reading