Coffee Break


I’m not a coffee person but when the weather is too cold and the internet at home is literally unbearable, my only resort is to grab a cup of hot coffee and take advantage of their free WiFi connection from morning ’til dawn. But that’s not the case today. I’m just basically here to do a little window shopping and had my photos taken because I am running out of photos to post, haha!

It was a last minute decision to step out of the door and all my clothes were packed as I was getting ready to move out of my parent’s house, except for these staples which I left in my closet for on-the-spot moments like this. I didn’t have much time to press them, or perm my hair, or put on makeup (except for my lipstick which I did while in the car) so I’m basically a hot mess today, yes, HOT. =)

2375  6    48

Top – Vintage / Shorts – Mod Clothing / Wedged Shoes – Vintage / Bag – from Ladies Market, Hong Kong / Sunglasses – SM Accessories / Bonnet – Vintage

Tropical Mode


That summer time when you just want to lie on the sands of Hawaii with plumeria flower tucked on your right ear and get lost in the wilds with that Rio kind-of-adventure in the vicious woods of Amazon… That’s exactly how I feel when I wear this piece, or at least that how the prints fooled me into buying this shift dress =) Continue reading

Island Girl


I never realized how lucky I am to be born and raised in an island filled with so many wonders. Okay, I did not team up with the Tourism Department to promote Cebu, lol! But seriously, how can I missed to see that the beach is just 15 minutes away from the city? How could I fail to explore this beautiful island and everything that this city has to offer? Continue reading

Beat The Heat


It’s freakin’ warm for over months now and I’m seriously scared with all those “heat stroke” news going around this summer. My photos say otherwise though, haha! Thanks to my sister who didn’t mind taking photos of me while out in the sun. Oh the privileges of having a sister who understands your passion! Continue reading