Summer Uniform

Summer officially starts on April for a tropical country like Ph, so it won’t come as a surprise if my style report for the second quarter of 2021 is all about fancy cut-outs and linens, after all, who would want to wear sweaters on a forty three degree Celsius weather?

Open back and cut-out dresses of any designs, are definitely making waves this summer. Hubadera or whatever you call it, this trend is certainly sexy and weather-appropriate if you want to show some skin while out in the sun.

If there’s a failsafe way to beat the summer heat, that would be wearing something white. I am not sure if it’s scientifically proven that white fabrics absorb heat making summer more bearable, but it sure does feel like it is genuinely true.

Square linen top, linen coords, linen shorts… Linen is summer’s bestfriend. A little research would tell you linen dries faster than cotton, so yes, linen on summer is always a default fashion trend whatever era you might be, if you don’t mind having to wear something that easily wrinkles.

There are actually a lot more summer trends making rounds this year like halter cropped tops (hello Kim Santiago!) and summer prints as always, but I’m saving my storage space (hahaha!) so I only made three on the list.

See you next quarter for another round of fashion trend report!

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