Earth Tones

No autumn for a tropical girl like me, but rainy days and cold days make me want to wear less bright colors and more earth tones. I am a little late for this post because life happened lately outside metaverse, but got to keep this blog alive, yes? =) Anyway, here are some of the classic trends that go beyond seasons and reasons – neutrals, coords, and knits (okay, maybe knits are an exemption.

Knits naturally belong to autumn. Not too warm for winter and not too cool for summer, knits are a classic choice for everyone every fall season – whether you are just sitting right above the equator or you are somewhere drinking coffee in the North Pole =)

Neutrals are a thing every season, I get it. But the prettiest earth tone outfits are the ones worn during autumn, just in time when the green leaves turn into gold, brown, and red, and the spring grasses turn to fade.

Two piece is for summer as coords are for autumn, or for any other season. I could still remember the time when wearing matching sets are so tacky and out of style, now it seems like coordinated outfits are here to stay longer, and it makes my heart happy =)

I Am A Finalist Of the Best Cebu Style Blogger 2021!

The year was 2015. I was applying for a part-time content writer position and I was happy to share during the interview that I have a personal blog. The Recruiter brushed it off and said, ‘Everyone blogs nowadays.’

It hurt my ego 😅, but she’s right. Everyone can technically open an account for free on WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogspot and write just about anything they have in mind. While I got the part-time job, I also wanted to prove that I was not just some ‘everyone’. I worked so hard for my content and I invested in my passion to become ‘someone’, and not some random ‘everyone’.

Finally, after a year, I earned my first Best Cebu Blog Awards nomination under the fashion and style category. Well, that doesn’t happen to everyone, yes?

Fast forward to 2021, 5 years past, and currently nominated under the same niche for the fourth time, I couldn’t be more grateful. I am glad that there are people who really believe in me and in what I do. But I also couldn’t help but think that maybe there are not much bloggers to nominate because ‘everyone’ from 5 years ago is now busy dancing on Tiktok and/ or curating their IG feed.

I don’t know, but an introvert like me would always prefer blogging over vlogging. I am definitely not the speaker type of person, but ideas naturally flow into my head when I write. Quality-wise, blog contents tend to last longer than social media posts. I also wanted to believe that some people like me enjoy reading more than watching videos or maybe enjoying both. Or is it just me who gets dizzy after 30 minutes of doom scrolling Tiktok? 😅

I absolutely appreciate platforms like Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA) for keeping the local blogosphere industry alive and thriving. BCBA is known to be the only award-giving body for Cebu Bloggers in Cebu and they have been around since 2008. BCBA, together with the sponsors (PLDT, BPI, Xiaomi Ph, and AIA Philippines), blogging partners (Cebu Bloggers Society, Cebu Fashion Bloggers, Cebu Content Creators, and Memoriter Writing Services), and other partners (Alvin Asayas Photography, Cebu Fitness Blog, and Geemiz: Accounting Blog), recognize the important role of blogging in communicating information online and strive to keep the local blogging industry alive and thriving by bringing back the annual awarding of the local bloggers this year.

So yes, the 2021 Best Cebu Blogs Awards is on! If you have not voted yet, you still have until 12 midnight tonight to do that. Just follow this link:

Make sure to log in to your Gmail account to complete the form.

❤️, JL Arnaiz