2020, In Retrospect

2020 was a very difficult year for me and for most of us, especially to my friends and fellow colleagues  in Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

The world hit the reset button and for some reasons, it is not showing any signs of progress. Well probably except for the fact that vaccines are slowly rolling out. But with vaccines come new challenges as we all heard from the news. So yes, Earth is really taking its time to heal, or maybe we are just too impatient for everything to go back to what we call “normal.”

As a content creator though, there was no shortage of creativity and social media contents to write and talk about in 2020. Because technically everyone is online due to the pandemic, and thanks goodness wifi and internet exists, events were overcome with online campaigns and collabs. As a content creator, 2020 was awesome in more ways than one.

And so I would like to extend my warmest gratitude to all these amazing brands and the wonderful people behind them for making my 2020 a memorable year.

Top Three brands who made my 2020  a blast:

Let’s Stylize



Events that I have attended:

Maayo Hotel Sinulog Buffet Preview

Cebu Pacific Funfest

Opening of Menya Hachi restaurant

JPark Spring Festival

Launching of Ding How Digital Ordering System

Mezzo buffet Media Preview

Team Asia Trivia Night (Online)

JPark Christmas Tree Lighting

Baicon Infest (Online)

No Strips Waxing Salon Mactan Branch Opening

Brand Collaborations:

Let’s Stylize

Promate Plush Headset

 JCo’s 8th anniversary promo

Pizza hut’s spam cheesy bites pizza

Watson’s Strong Healthy Family campaign


JCo’s Libertreats

Moonsky and Sunny Delivery online campaign

Watson’s Stay Strong Stay Beautiful campaign

Collagen by Watsons

Lattea collaboration

CBTL’s drive for frontliners

Macao Imperial Tea opening in Mactan

Cebu Fashion Week

Jet Peel Facial with Beauty Affair

JCo’s Ube Cheese and Halloween Donuts

Launching of Abaca Eats Online

CBTL 2021 Giving Journal and Tumblers

5D Hifu with Beauty Affair

And, for the third time, I was nominated for Best Cebu Style Blog by Best Cebu Blogs Awards, the only blogging award body in Cebu. While I was not able to win the Style award, I bagged the PLDT’s Choice of 2020, not bad yes?

2020 was not a very bad year after all, although my bank would tell me otherwise, lol! This year, I hope to continue collaborating with these amazing brands and gain new projects, although career wise, I am dedicating myself to earning everything that I have lost last year =)

2021, let’s do this!

♥, JL Arnaiz

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