2020 Style Archive

Because I am collaborating with one of the most prominent local retail fashion brands in Cebu, Let’s Stylize, I get the chance to wear a looooot of amazing garbs during the year of the pandemic, ironic I know. But dressing up is what I love to do, whether at home or outside running errands, so can you blame me for taking these photos?

These photos didn’t make it to my invidual OOTD blog post so I am compiling them here because I think they deserve to be shared.

Top and Skirt – Thrifted / Boots – The SM Store
Dress – Cotton On / Bag – vintage
Top – Let’s Stylize / Pants – thrifted
Top – thrifted / Skirt – Let’s Stylize / Shoes – So Fab
Dress – Let’s Stylize
Top – Let’s Stylize / Skirt – Forever21 / Shoes – thrifted /Bag- Miniso / Cap – vintage
Jumpsuit – Let’s Stylize

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