My Lucky Charm

I may sound like a broken record, but yes, “What is your favorite color?” still remains to be one of the hardest questions for me.

So let’s talk about certain taboos behind our choices of colors when we are put into an OOTD dilemma.

I am certainly fond of red, and green, and yellow, and orange or anything rust. But did you know that 20 years ago or so, my closet was all white and pink? So it’s safe to say I am also fond of white and pink. The difficulty level of “my favorite color” question is 8 out of 10, but as you can see, this post is implying I am drawn to saying red is my top color. At least as of this writing, that’s how I feel about red.

While I do love anything vibrant, red always have a special place in my heart. For me, red is an auspicious color. And not just because Chinese people taught us so, but because wearing something red gives me that feeling of luck and confidence. It’s the same thought with weddings in which you have to have something old, something new, and something blue. Even if you don’t necessarily think it would work, you still wear them because after all, you’ve got nothing lose (and you might just gain something if it’s really true, see what I mean?)

The thing is, I disagree on the saying “when in doubt, wear something red”. When I am in doubt, I would usually wear something black, after all, I am doubtful and I don’t want to attract as much attention as I want to. Black is the safest color anyone can wear when in doubt. Red is not associated with doubt, it is more associated with passion and wanting something so badly.

That being said, red therefore is my lucky charm. Not my comfort color, but it certainly has a magic in it whenever I want to feel like going into an event with raffle draws, lol!

Two Piece – Let’s Stylize / Cover Up – Forever21 / Slippers – The Shoe Center

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