The Thing About Mini Skirts

If you have been following me on my blog or on Instagram, you would know I have a thing with mini skirts. I am not the denim kind of person. During my casual days, I only wear shorts which you should understand for someone like me living in a tropical country. When I go out for dinner or some errands however, I am always inclined to wearing mini skirts. Why mini skirts?

I am a lazy person. And by saying lazy, what I mean is I hate going through the process of wearing jeans and then removing them when I go to restrooms or when I change my clothes. I could just imagine the hassle of it compared to just slipping a miniskirt which could actually save me minutes!

I look taller with mini skirts. Mini skirts make my legs longer compared to midi skirts and full skirts. If you are like me who stands 5’2 proud, I suggest you show your legs and wear the minis, and high heels of course, if you wish to flatter your height.

It’s classic and always on trend. Puffed sleeves and knits may stay on the spotlight for a couple more years, and then new trends will resurface. But mini skirts are on the “trousers” level, it never goes out of style.

Are you also a “mini skirt” person?


Top – Forever21 / Skirt – Thrifted / Blazer – Ayalamalls Central Bloc / Boots – Lazada 

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