7 Creative Ways to Shoot Your OOTD

Do you ever came across someone on Facebook or Instagram who always  post a selfie on the same angle Every. Single. Time? I know you have someone in mind, lol! Seriously though, it’s the same with striking an OOTD pose.

No matter the price tag of your dress or how vogue the design is, if you keep on replaying the same moves, the same feels, the same place – your photos become boring. Oftentimes, it’s always a matter of how you wear it, when to wear it, and where to wear it.

Here I have sorted seven creative ways to showcase your OOTD in photos to give more dimensions on what you wear and a sprinkle of attitude to your look.

Create Movement With Your Outfit

Ruffled Dress? Shake them off to add volume to your garb! Throw your blazer towards the direction of the camera or do the twirl to create dynamics on your look. 

Do The Street Style Way

Imagine you are a celebrity and paparazzi are following you as you go out of the house to run some errands or attend a Fashion Week Show. Yes, make pretend you are striking a pose for Vogue Magazine or Huffpost and show off your cool OOTD while crossing the street.    

Bring Some Props

While basic accessories like jewels, sunnies and bags are the default props, it is also sometimes better to add more visible props and make use of the things around you that would complement your outfit. A native basket for a more subtle look probably, or an umbrella for that rainy day look, or a map while playing touristy in a foreign country.

Blend In The Environment

Wear florals on a floral farm, camouflage in the environment and let your outfit attune to the background. Blend in to stand out, that’s the main goal. So next time you pass by that dainty pink wall at the corner, wear shades of pink too, then take a snap.

Make A Contrast

While you have to blend in to stand out, sometimes you also have to literally stand out to highlight your outfit. If you are wearing a bold yellow jacket, avoid going to crowded places parks and market where many colors exist, choose a spotless background like a snow- filled land or a white sand to strike a pose. 


Back shot is like killing two birds with one stone. It focuses on your outfit rather than how you look like with what you wear by casting out your facial expression, and it showcases how your ootd accentuates to your stunning backdrop.   

create a theme

Going to camping? Go with tribal prints and crops. On for an adventure? Copy Kuya Kim’s khaki and army green ensemble looks with a matching hat. Getting ready to party? Put on your glittery dress and take that spotlight. Make sure you are in the right place with your right dress when the shutter clicks, even if you have to change the whole outfit after the shot.  Creativity has no limit, so is fashion. Do not be afraid to break fashion norms, style those thrifted clothes and those pieces you got from Taobao like you got them from LV, and always look for inspiration and avoid being too comfortable with your own skin and style. You can also check and follow me on Instagram for more fashion inspo =)

♥, JL Arnaiz

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