Three Decades and A Half

I walked this earth for three decades and a half now. It seems so long and yet so short. For three decades and a half, I have experienced a lot of things in life.

I fought for my life at an early age of 2 – that left me a massive keloid scar on my left shoulder today. At 16, I faced a court battle for “Forced Abduction in Relation to Child Abuse.” At 30, I had a breakdown and had to overcome depression.

This year, I am witnessing a pandemic with over 29 million cases reported and killed almost 100 thousand people worldwide. But aren’t we all living things today witnessed such a grim fate that will definitely make our existence a part of the world’s history?

Yes I have experienced a lot within three decades and a half, but I know still have to experience more, just no more pandemic, war and anything that correlates to the end of the world please, lol! I may not experience new things from this day forward and it’s okay,  I just want to experience again the same things we used to enjoy before the pandemic – traveling outside the country, meeting with friends over coffee, talking without masks and shields on our faces, having A normal busy day at work, those things we used to take for granted before. I bet it would be a different feeling to do the same things we do before.

Today AS I blow the candle, I ardently hope that a vaccine will roll out very soon, that the economy will recover swiftly, and that we can finally hug each other when we meet somewhere.

Dress – Let’s Stylize / Bag – Vintage / Sandals – The Shoe Center / Hat – Yoyoso

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