Something Light and Fluffy

I was always told I have strong features. My eyes are rather fierce, my facial expression is stern, my hair is messy and dark, my skin is fair, and the list goes on. I also often dress up quite strong too – I like it black, classy, corporate and a little orthodox. While I love colorful looks, I always prefer bold colors over pastel.

So it was a bit of a surprise for me when I saw how these photos turned out. I mean I never imagined I can actually pull off something light and fluffy as this look. I came into realization that with my rigid features, I need to wear something soft and light like this more often in the future to get rid of people’s common  misconception towards me – that I am a little unpermissive and looks a bit uptight. I am sure people like me who has the same features suffers the same dilemma.

It sure was a challenge for me to mix and match this printed top from Let’s Stylize. I am not so fond of plaid prints, or of prints in general. So I trusted my basic neutral inclination to rule over this plaid top. My first option was to pair it with a chocolate colored pair of pants in contrast to the light brown prints, but it looked rather typical. This olive skirt I set aside for my garage sale next week came waving in neon lights, and it was just perfect.

Check out my Facebook Page next week btw, this skirt and other gorgeous pieces will be on garage sale!

Top  – Let’s Stylize / Skirt – Forever21 / Shoes – Thrifted / Bag – Miniso / Cap – HMR

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