Mauve It

A human body is such a wonder.

Everybody tells me I am skinny, maybe I am. But I do have a round bod since birth. No matter how skinny I get, my tummy always looks bloated. And then there’s Ashley Graham, a plus size model who has a magnificent curve, and her stomach doesn’t even bulge!

On top of an inflated belly, I also have myoma. So whenever I am put into a dilemma of wearing cropped top and leggings (such dilemma includes extreme desire to wear crops and anything bodycons), I have to hold my breath and tuck my stomach in without looking like a living corpse. You see what I mean? Effortless is the word, even if the reality is I’m actually gasping crazily. And of course, I have to work on my angle.

By saying angle, what I mean is working on my footwork and body position. Placing one foot forward is the easiest way to create body illusion. Raising one hand is another way. Standing straight instead of my usual slouch position is a no-brainer.

And if everything else fails, well, a little photoshop won’t hurt =) I’m no expert with photoshop, but adjusting lighting on certain areas certainly makes a difference (eg: I lower the exposure on my abdomen and lessen the contrast too)

Now that’s a handful of tips right there if you have a round bod like me who are fond of cropped tops =)

     Sports Bra – Let’s Stylize / Pants – APM Mall / Shoes – SoFab  / Bag – Online Shop / Watch – Raga by Titan

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