Going Green

Here’s to my first dine out after being quarantined at home and at work for monthssss….

I know a lot of people who care about other’s business would really make a fuss of me going out – dining out and stuffs. I know it for sure because of how  these people react to my social media stories whenever I post something outside home. And seriously though, there’s so much negativity in this world as people tend to become critics and analysts to everyone and everything they see online and offline especially because most of us are at home, observing quarantine, and not busy with work and traffic.

So where do I stand? To the people who are genuinely concerned about my safety and health, I appreciate the concern, I really do! But more than stepping outside the house, being a non-essential frontliner gives me more risks of being infected as I deal with guests from BPO industries and transient guests from outside the country waiting for their covid results. Rest assured I am doing my social responsibility to avoid the spread of virus, inside and outside the house with proper protection and following mandated protocols.

 I also practice social distancing, and I usually go to places where there is limited crowd. Nope, I don’t even go to grocery stores because there are more crowds in the market than in the beach or in the adventure park up in the mountains where I preferred to be. I also do not meet up with friends, my leisure buddies are my husband and fam, and we all live on the same house if you ask.

So please, let’s stop this toxic negativity of judging people about how they cope up with their quarantine woes as long as they do not hurt you. Let us be respectful with each other and look forward for this pandemic to end so everyone will get back to their normal lives.

Dress – Cotton On / Bag – Vintage / Necklace – Online 

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