Summer High

My favorite summer combo is making another round of post. White and blue is here again, because who would ever get tired watching the clouds in the sky?

Can you believe I waited 2 years for these photos to finally be published? In fact the pandemic made it a little early, lol! Just imagine these photos coming out from my drafts after three years if Covid19 didn’t spoil this year,  hehe… It’s just like buying a fancy dress and not wearing it for years because you are waiting for that perfect moment when you can wear that dress. I bet you know what I am talking about. My photos are basically like that.

Right now I am in dire need of beach therapy – those sticky sweats under the heat of the sun, those sands in between my toes, and that dying feeling for a cold ice fruit drink after dipping in the salty water. What seems to be the usual thing we do don’t seem too usual now eh?

These photos make me happy kind of sad. A sight of the sea and the sun make me flutter, but it breaks my heart that these moments we used to take for granted are close to impossible, at least for now. Are you feeling nostalgic yet?

Enjoy the sight of summer on this post and let’s hope this crisis will be over very soon so we can hit the beach together!

UPDATE : July 24, 2020 : Just this morning, the government announced beach activities are now allowed! Yay!? Lol! So you know where to find me in the next few days! (wink)

Romper – APM Mall / Cover Up – Vintage / Sandals – The Shoe Center / Place – Bluewater Resort Sumilon

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