New Normal Essentials

What used to be “No ID No Entry” has been amended with an additional clause which states “No Mask No Entry”, lol!

This year is making history for all the wrong reasons, but somehow we have to learn to adapt to the changes it brings in order to survive. No buffets for now, no social gatherings, nor leisure travels, although I also wish bills and mortgages will also be gone for good, lol! The New Normal is all about staying alive, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Here are my weapons to survive the new world, also known as the New Normal Essentials.

Essentials for Physical Protection

Top on the list is the face mask, why yes of course! Face mask is tantamount to cellphone, it’s something we can’t live without. While surgical and N95 masks are recommended, I prefer cloth masks with filters because I get pimples with N95.

I got all my face masks from Let’s Stylize. You can order yours too online!

Face shield is also another essential especially when I am in the public area. I also wear gloves as required by the law for non-essential frontliners though I am not sure if wearing gloves is really for the best interest.

And let’s not forget alcohol and hand sanitizers!

Health and Wellness Essentials

I guess this is the part where I have to flex my collaboration with Watsons Ph, lol! But honestly though, Watsons Ph is every household’s staple when it comes to health, beauty and wellness needs. Call me liar if you don’t even have a single item in your house you bought from Watsons.

So I vowed for these 4 ideal immunity boosters to keep my health on top shape: vitamin C, apple cider vinegar , ginger tea, and pure honey.

This tea is from Watsons Nutrabliss, a chamomile tea with peppermint and ginger.

No “tuob” as you notice, hahaha!

Beauty Essentials

Who said beauty regimen is not essential in this new world order? =)

So here comes the role of Watsons again, can you blame me? Hahaha! So part of my beauty essentials is my skincare. And rightfully so, I need to take care of my skin especially because wearing masks can give me unnecessary drama all over my face.

I am currently using Collagen by Watsons set of skincare essentials. It includes peeling cleanser, toner, eye roller and facial cream.

My hair is another story. Bleached four times and currently in a blonde condition, I always try to visit the salon once a month for treatment. Because we are on quarantine for almost half a year already with salons closed, I do my own hair treatment instead with Watsons Treatment Wax with Argan Oil.


Aside from vitamins, I also take Skjncollagen for skincare supplements. It’s a microtablet from Japan which not only improved my skin condition but also helps me get better sleeps at night.

Those were just the basics. For some, essentials include books and Netflix to stay sane while staying at home.  My guilty pleasure during this crisis period is anything sweet. Yes, that includes a box of J.Co Donuts and a tub of chocomint ice cream from MoonSky and Sunny.

Needless to say, food and money are of the essence during this pandemic, especially for those who lost their jobs due to the collapse of the economy.

But health is wealth after all. So no matter what happens, just keep pressing on.  Make sure to arm yourself with these essentials. Let’s go crazy but not depressed, let’s toss our credit status to the air like the hell cares as long as we’re alive, and let’s stay healthy and covid free, shall we?

♥, JL Arnaiz

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