Today, I am stuck in Cebu City, the city known to have the longest lockdown in the world. No, I am not proud of it.

As of this writing, I am staying in a penthouse together with seven of my colleagues from work. Everything looks so fine in here – we have our own jacuzzi, a spacious living room, a dining room and kitchen, and with full board meals from breakfast to dinner. I couldn’t complain more. But, I still want to go home to that small little space, and I still dream of going to the beach, setting a campfire, and endure delayed flights.

Good thing I still have a lot of unposted photos from my last year’s trips. Aside that I still have contents to publish in this page (lol!), photos like these make me reminisce those gold old times when we can still hit the beach anytime we want with just a two to three hour drive from the city. And of course, photos like these make us nostalgic of those times when we don’t have to wear the masks from the bridge of our noses down to the chin when we are outside our homes.

I am not a boho type, but I hope you enjoy these photos of me trying to pull off that boho vibe. After all, I appreciate any kinds of fashion that makes me feel pretty, and I think you should too! I hate being constrained to a certain type of fashion. While we do have our “signature” looks, wouldn’t it be wonderful that we explore and try other looks that makes us happy and feel pretty?

Scarf – Kultura / Dress – Parkmall / Necklace – APM Mall / Bracelet and Earrings- Kultura

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