In A Land Far, Far Away

In a land far, far away, where I can see the fantastic mountains and the sea below while taking a dip in the pool… A place where I only have to ride a plane for an hour and travel by car for 30 minutes.

This is the last great memory I had with the outside world , 3 weeks before the lockdown mid March of 2020.

Now I can’t even get a flight or cross the sea to the distant island where my naked eye could see, all because we are in a pandemic state for half a year already.

Life is so different now even if we are on General Community Quarantine – face mask becomes a basic need, people are still dying over a novel virus, and everyone is literally setting a space gap to avoid possible infection. It’s like straight out of the movies, except that this is happening in real life and not some fiction stories directed and filmed in Hollywood.

While the fear among us is not as profound as it was when the pandemic first started, it still seems like a nightmare for most of us.  Bills and mortgage made it worse, losing my job any moment is so real, and the thought of not going out for at least a couple more months until vaccine is readily available is already killing me.

This is not the 2020 I dreamed of, definitely not what I expected, and that silver lining is  yet to be found. I had so much plans for this year, and it’s crushing to be right here – lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering when this might end.

Still a flicker of hope lives within me, and that is why I am posting these photos now. A hint of sunshine gives me a hope that one day, we will see the sun rise again from the east, not from behind our windows. With our feet on the water, as we breathe in the salty air, without masks on our faces.

Although not today, I hope that one day will come sooner. And I look forward into that day…

Bikini – Let’s Stylize / Scarf – Thrifted
Location: Villa Angelina Luxury Suites, Dakak Resort, Dipolog City, Ph

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