Survivor: Quarantine Edition

They call it Survivor Philippines: Quarantine Edition after the Enhanced Community Quarantine was lifted earlier this week, paving way for more eased policies- also known as the General Community Quarantine.

Of course it’s sarcasm. A joke with a hint of reality. I guess we just want to go back to our routine despite the crisis the world is facing right now. So yes, Survivor Philippines: Quarantine Edition basically means go out at your own risk.

If you ask me however how I would want to spend my quarantine life, I would prefer to spend it with nature and with technology. Of course we are in a digital period and I wouldn’t want to go back to prehistoric age even if that’s an option. But I also love the sound of the wind as it passes through the leaves on the trees and watch the stars at night against the black pitch sky.

And that is why I love glamping. It’s camping- but modern. If I am to spend my quarantine days away from the city, I would just love to stay in this tent facing the sea. With A/C inside and a comfy bed, cellphone with Netflix, and of course wifi. And when I am bored watching Netflix, I could go out for a swim, or just go around the place with all the trees and fresh air. And at night we would gather, have a bonfire, play charade, and watch an outdoor movie.

Oh if I am one of the Kardashians I might just be able to do all those things and more, lol! But for now I’ll brush away all these fantasies and play the game of life called Survivor Philippines 😅


Top – Vintage / Pants – Forever21 

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