Lounging Place

It was a very bright day, the sea was clear and the dews on the leaves were evident. It was past eight in the morning when I sneaked into the spa room after having a full breakfast meal on their Japanese restaurant. All the lights were still off, but the back door was open for some reason. I went around from the sauna room to the massage room, it was all so quite and dusky. Then I hurriedly went outside the louging area when I heard a slight noise from the other side before they apprehend me for crashing the gates.

Nope, I am not trying to create a short story here if it sounds just like it. I am just vividly recalling the tiniest details of my last out- of- town trip before all the flights and ferries were suspended and before the lockdown was imposed. Looking back, everything seems like the “normal” thing we do when we are exhausted with the city life and we want to get a breath of fresh air. The most normal deal then was to book a flight, disconnect from social media, stay in a resort somewhere no one knows you, and come back refreshed and ready to hustle again.

But now we are down to what they call the “new normal”. Stay at home, drink vitamin C everyday, worry about the bills later and just try to stay healthy and alive and Covid free. These photos now belong to those bitter-sweet memories to what we used to call “go out and get a vacation” kind of days when everything goes spiral. Yes, those days…

Dress – Let’s Stylize / Flower Band – Vintage

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