Sportleisure, the trend as classic as florals and miniskirts.

But I am not the athletic type of person if you think this photo might tell you otherwise. An hour at the gym would send me straight to bed for 2 days with over 38 degree Celsius temperature. No, I’m not kidding! It happened the first time I hit the gym, and I’m not going back ever, especially during these Covid times =)

But like I always say, fashion is my expression. And today I am feeling sporty, so why not put on a sporty ensemble, right? These jogging pants are the comfiest, although the top needs a little work because it’s a bit tight for me. Anyway, this why I love dressing up, I can be what I want to be with clothes and outfits like there’s no telling what a person really is.

And no, it’s not being pretentious or fake, wearing what you’re feeling is one of the truest emotions one can show. It’s not like because you are poor you have to wear dirty clothes or don the grunge look. There’s a clear line between being yourself and being stylish. One should not confuse style with a person’s lifestyle and practices.

That is why I post these photos today even if it’s taken 2 years ago (no joke). I want to emphasize that one can look sporty without being athletic, just like how one can look so genius despite actually being a bonehead. It’s fashion folks, and that’s the beauty of it.

Top – Vintage / Pants – Vintage / Shoes – Thrifted

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