Let’s Stylize x JLArnaiz: Trousers Challenge

I’m not a very “trousers” kind of person. I do wear pants but they are usually the wide- legged ones where I can just slip it right away, the same reason whyI prefer skirts over jeans. That is why it was quite a challenge to style this pair of candy- colored trousers from Let’s Stylize. By the looks of these photos though, I think I can stand a day wearing trousers as long as long as you will keep that one pint of rocky road ice cream away from my sight, lol!

How to style trousers?

I’m no expert when it comes to these pieces and I have stated my grounds pretty clear. But here’s a fail-safe combo when it comes styling trousers: I keep it formal. While a lot of fashion influencers pair trousers with a “band” shirt and some cool kicks, these ensembles might not be pleasantly appropriate for short girls like me. The way it adds volume to the hips makes us short girls shorter than we already are, so when I say I keep it formal, I mean blazers and high heels.

Blazer balances the volume of the hips by adding more dimensions on the shoulders. Heels naturally gives extra inches more and that’s a no- brainer trick which is very useful when wearing trousers.

This Gia trousers are available in both Let’s Stylize branches (Ayalamalls Central Bloc and Banawa Main branch) and they come in different colors too!

Top – Vintage / Blazer – Vintage / Pants – Let’s Stylize / Shoes – So Fab

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