Promate Plush: Headset Review

It’s been over a month since I received my wireless over- ear Stereo Headset from Promate.

While I’m not a tech blogger and not very techy per se, I will try to share my best input on this new gadget based on my little knowledge gained from running an internet cafe at home, and of course, with my love for music.


Plush has three colors to choose from: Black, Navy Blue, and Red. The navy blue is the best color among the three, it’s not as conventional as black, but not to bold as red. I just wished they had pastel colors like blush pink and mint green or something.

It’s also ergonomically designed. As mentioned on its features above, it’s extendable and foldable, so yes, it fits just the way you want it to be. It’s also soft and light so you can wear it for hours without even thinking about ihavin it around your head.


It’s easy to connect and use the buttons. I got everything figured out in less than a minute just by simply following the user’s manual. I haven’t tried using the chords because I prefer wireless but so far, there was no problem connecting with Bluetooth.


I have a very high expectation on its sound quality because after all, it’s called “stereo headset”.

I was binged watching The Witcher series last month with this headset, and I was certainly satisfied! It was actually beyond what I expected and I am not even hamming it up. The first thought that came into me when I first put on this headset was “am I on a dolby mode right now?”

When you go to IMAX and before they start the show they usually feature a dolby ad with different sounds going from left to right like you were really a part of the scene- that’s exactly what I felt when I put my Plush on and watched The Witcher kill that monster in the swamp on the middle of the forest (their first scene).

I would highly recommend Plush Wireless Headset if you are into music or Netflix or KDrama. It’s totally awesome for workout too! It’s sweat- proof so yes, you can play that Yungblud music over and over again until you’re done with your treadmill. If you are a gamer, it’s decent, but not as good as an ROG or Predator gaming headset.


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♥, JL Arnaiz

One thought on “Promate Plush: Headset Review

  1. Hi, JL. Considering to buy this as well! Does this headphone have voice prompts? If yes, is it said in a Chinese accent? Sorry, I’m OC that way. 😀

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