Color Block

I have been color blocking since I started blogging, which is like eight years ago. In fact, the color block trend made me want to start a blog, hence The Vainyard (but before that, there was JL Avenue, hahaha!)

I never knew my own style until I discovered people color blocking bold colors way back 2012, and I was definitely blown away by its imagery. The aesthetics of two contrasting colors clashing in a very beautiful way, matching so pleasantly, helped me discover my personal style. And although I am no  Laureen Uy, and I am definitely not the type who would ” Break her Style”, my personal style evolved to be on a subtle color block – inclined fashion with a touch of classic pieces.  Yes I stick to classic pieces, to a few trends, and to anything vibrant and exquisitely vivid.

And when I choose colors to mix and match, I don’t usually follow the rules of the color wheel.  Case in point, baby pink and yellow looks good, purple and yellow also looks good! On the other hand, I don’t like mixing red and green, or navy blue and black. I guess it all boils down to personal preferences. And it’s 2020! Who are we to decide what fashion faux pas is?

For today’s look, I am matching a cerise red top with my burnt orange coat and toned it down all the way to the bottom with this choc brown skirt and black thigh high boots. It is not a clash of neon colors as what color blocking was few years ago, but a mixture of colors of the same family: the autumn / fall family.

 Coat – Lazada Fashion / Top – Zalora / Skirt – Lazada Fashion / Boots – Lazada Fashion / Bag – Forever21

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