Winter Wonderland

My first sight of snow actually reminded me of white sands back home on the island, and it took a while for me to sink in that while both are so the same, they are totally on different ends of the rope.

As a tropical girl, the sight of white sands give me a serene feeling even when I don’t know how to swim. There is something about the sands on my toes that calms my spirit. But I wanted so bad to know the other side of the world, the world that is covered with snow. I guess every island girl would dream about a winter wonderland too!

So yes, this experience is a dream come true if you ask me…

 I am no expert when it comes to winter dressing. But whatever the weather, I am definitely not known to shy away from colors. I have two basic rules of dressing up when traveling: one is to blend in, and the other one is to stand out. On this winter wonderland, I preferred the latter.

Before going into this trip, I already had my mind fixed on going into a ski resort. While unfortunately I was not able to do the skiing itself, I have achieved my goal nonetheless to step foot on a ski resort. I pictured a look that would stand out from the snow and my first option was red. But when I found this yellow puffer jacket in Calliope weeks before my trip, I fell in love with it – to the point that I bought it even when it’s too small for me to even zip it close. So now I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to look a little longer on my yellow jacket to prove that I am not lying, lol!

Jacket – Calliope / Top – Forever21 / Jeans – Crissa Jeans / Boots – S & H / Beret – Lazada

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