Burnt on a winter day, burnt orange that is…

Earlier this year,I ticked another bucket list off from my journal -USJ (Universal Studios Japan). While it was literally the most painful trip I had in my entire existence up to date (painful budget wise 😅) , I never had regrets because USJ is the happiest place for me. You got it right, not Disneyland.

Going to themed parks usually require comfort pieces.

I couldn’t argue more, Arci Munoz looks iconic on all of her Disneyland photos. Her cosplay inclined outfit and flared skirts are so dreamy… But I prefer the other way. Imagine queuing up for the Harry Potter 3d show (at least for 25 minutes if you have the express pass), or riding in a coaster, or fitting into the crowd when they all flock to the locker after the show – and you are wearing a skater skirt with a matching pair of heels.

There are a hundred ways to stay stylish without compromising comfort, especially when you are in a themed park and you paid more than a hundred bucks to enjoy everything that it can offer. And that’s exactly what I had in mind when I chose to wear these wide- leg plaid pants and sneakers. The coat is not just a fashion statement btw, it is a must during winter.

Top – Uniqlo / Pants – Forever21 / Coat – Lazada / Shoes – Thrifted / Bag – Forever21

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