Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2019 Is On

It’s that time of the year again when Cebu bloggers and content creators come to celebrate and recognize the cream of the top in Cebu’s blogosphere.

I  am glad to share that I am one of the three finalists of Best Cebu Blog 2019 under the Style category. There are a lot of things I wanted to say I can’t seem to get them all together. But I have to start somewhere, somehow eh? So here’s my take as one of the finalists of Best Cebu Style Blog 2019 featuring all my outfit posts for this year.

Three years ago, I was nominated for Best Cebu Style Blog 2016. It was the same year I got back in Cebu and it was also during 2016 that I joined Cebu’s blogosphere through Cebu Fashion Bloggers community.

Fast forward to today, I am again nominated in the same niche. It’s inspiring that despite the significant increase of new and young fashion bloggers coming along the way within the past three years, I stayed on top of my game and remained true to my passion for style and fashion.

Being one of the finalists of Best Cebu Blogs 2019 along with the new blood of bloggers in Cebu and a few familiar faces from the good old years made me realize that I am already a winner myself. The fact that this is my second nomination within a three – year gap is a validation that I have stood my ground and a proof of my evolution in blogging; all while staying relevant in the local blogging industry –  which I believe is the reason why I was nominated and shortlisted as a finalist for Best Cebu Style Blog the second time around.

I am so grateful for the people behind  Best Cebu Blogs Awards, the only award giving body in Cebu’s blogosphere, for its advocacy to recognize local bloggers in their efforts to create first-rate, authentic, and informative contents to their readers.

I am also grateful to my Cebu Fashion Bloggers family for being my stepping stone to the local blogging setting. Their guidance and support made me a better blogger I am today.

To my family, friends, readers, and to the person/ people who nominated me, my heartfelt thanks for believing in me and supporting me to what started out as my personal style journal, now a fashion and lifestyle blog.

The awarding will be on November 30, 2019 at Summit Galleria Cebu. This event won’t be successful without the help of the following sponsors:

Official Host Partner : Summit Galleria Cebu
Gold Sponsors : PLDT / Smart, Megaworld, Cebu Pacific, Realme Philippines
Silver Sponsors: BPI, Krispy Kreme
Bronze Sponsors : Pancake House
Donor Sponsors : Red Ribbon, Starbucks, Sizzlin’ Steak, Teriyaki Boy
Blogger Partners : Cebu Bloggers Society, Cebu Fashion Bloggers, Cebu Content Creators, Memoriter
Partners : Cebu Fitness Blog, Geemiz Accounting Blog


♥, JL Arnaiz

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