The Green Thing

“What is your favorite color?”

This remains to be one of the hardest questions for me.What color do I really like? I don’t know exactly. All I know is I love colors, vibrant shades, and I also like dark hues.

Someone used to tell me I am fond of green. If you ask my husband, he would tell you the same thing. My Instagram feed could not very well validate that statement, but if you ask me, I prefer mountains over beaches. Beach can be nice for IG, and it’s a happy place too! But I’d still go for fresh air and trees over waves. Given that argument, I would probably agree green is one of my favorite colors.

So what’s with this green talk today? We all know green represents healing and growth, and I guess I needed a touch of green these days. A minor update on life, I fell off the stairs three days ago and sprained my ankle badly. At this point I still could not walk with my left foot and I am desperate to recover.

So here’s to everyone hurting out there, physically and emotionally (lol!), may the folk healer lay her green thumb on us and cast a spell so we can heal faster…

Jumpsuit – Guess / Hat – Yoyoso / Earrings – Divisoria

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