Summer in Cuba with JPark’s Havana By The Sea

I had an epic weekend two weeks ago at the Havana inCebu, not in Cuba technically. But it was a surreal feeling that I teleported in Cuba because everything about Jpark’s Havana by the Sea embodies the Havana vibe on every corner of the restaurant. It was such a delightful latina treat with a lot of eating, drinking and dancing to the beat of Despacito, with the showgirls of Havana Oh Na Na, haha! No kidding!

Before we drool over their muy delicioso Cuban menu, can we just spare a minute and appreciate how the sunset displays its beautiful gradient colors to end the day and hint the start of a party? And did you know I planned it painstakingly to wear white even when we were advised to wear a Cuban outfit just so I will be in contrast of the sunset when it shows? Sunset certainly does not disappoint! Credit also goes to this amazing place for capturing the perfect view of this twilight moment.

Can we all agree how beautiful the sunset is?

Anyway the highlight of this event was of course, the Cuban menu! Escape into this Havana cuisine as I raise the curtains to these new offerings when you dine at the Havana by The Sea. Drum rolls please as I show you my favorites from the menu….

Caldo De Marisco

Stewed seafood with tomato sauce, Caldo De Marisco was my favorite among all. I love seafood, I love tomato sauce; everything I love is in this plate.

Pan Con Tomato

Sour dough topped with tomato salsa and spicy Salami, this dish has all the right taste in one serve.


This grilled flank steak with chimichurri creates a contrasting taste of the meat and its garnishing.

 Dino Rib

Aside from seafood, this slow smoked short rib in barbeque sauce and coleslaw is also another delight.

 Chicharrones De Pollo

Who doesn’t love chicken? Deep fried chicken bites with cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo is a better version of buttered chicken and chicken sisig.

There are also some of my favorites that missed my lens because they ended up in my tummy right away like their Empanadas, Baby Squid and their Gambas. Other dish included in the menu are croqueta, flat bread, nachos, prawns ceviche, pulled pork sliders, and avocado and crab mix.

And because I am this vain, as what Vainyard stands for ironically, my front cover missed out this amazing spread of Cuban delight. So I hope you will forgive my vanity and applaud my outfit against the sunset instead, lol =)

Huge thanks to Ms Fresha of JPark Island Resort for making me a Cuban citizen for a day. From the very creative Cuban passport invite to the amazing shows while we dine, everything was perfectly laid so we can all have a great night at Cebu’s very own Havana.

♥, JL Arnaiz

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