#CebFliesClark Features: Where To Eat When in Pampanga

Food trip is a must when you travel to Pampanga; after all, Pampanga is known to be the Culinary Capital of the Philippines (though some prefers it to be called the Food Capital of the Philippines). While it is widely known for its sisig, Pampanga has more delish menus that you won’t see so much in other parts of the country.

Speaking of sisig in Pampanga, Mila’s would naturally be the default place to go. And because it is so cliche, we actually didn’t go there. Instead, we tried other sisig options which is as good as Mila’s… Kidding! We seriously tried very hard to squeeze in a visit to Mila’s but we didn’t have much time to do that, that’s the sad reality of our food trip. On a positive note, there are actually a lot of equally distinctive sisig in the area as I mentioned earlier.

Well, scroll away to see what I am talking about…

Kapampangan Sisig


Hues Restaurant in Park Inn by Radisson Clark

Their cuisine is as hippy as the place. I am not a fan of sisig, not a fan of pork in general, but their sisig made me want to eat more.

photo from https://www.parkinn.com/

Mequini Live at Quest Plus Clark

 Mekini in Pampanga means “come in” which is our traditional Filipino greeting to guests when they  come and visit our crib. Revolutionizing sisig, they offer tuna and chicken sisig without deviating from the traditional kapampangan sisig taste.

Culinary Treats


Fortune Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant

 A default restaurant for Chinese food and seafood served in a turntable. Fortune Restaurant is located just a few minutes from the airport, best for those who are in the go but still craves for full meal.

25 Seeds

 25 Seeds by chef Sau Del Rosario is a farm to table ancestral house turned restaurant. The place is a tourist spot itself, everything in the menu is a culinary treat. Special award to their delectable kare kare, must try!

Lola Nor’s Meryendahan

 Home cooked meals and comfort foods the kapampangan way are found here. My first time to eat a relleno frog, and it was, uhm, yummy kind of weird, haha! Their hot choco is the best I had since birth! Sorry mom! Haha!

Coffee and Desserts


7 Beans Cafe

 This quaint cafe serves coffee, milk tea and yummy desserts. I am not a coffee person so don’t ask me about their coffee, but if you say dessert, well you should try their matcha crepes, two thumbs up!

Valen Brew

Stucked inside a carwash, this small coffee shop started out with the love of coffee. The owner also performs cupping sessions which is truly a treat for coffee lovers (I know it excludes me, no need to mention it, lol!)

photo from https://www.facebook.com/valenbrew/


Charley’s Bar

 Charley’s is a sports bar in Quest Plus Clark. It has a lot of options for night out and the bartenders are really amazing, the crowd is amazing too (speaking of US Navy officers sightseeing, haha!)

Food trip never ends when you are in Pampanga and I am so glad to cover these few amazing restaurants in as short as 3 days, huge thanks to Cebu Pacific Air for bringing us to this wonderful place!

In the next couple of weeks I will be spilling the beans about our whole trip that would definitely change your perspective of Clark (and Pampanga in general) as a business/ agricultural hub to a city of adventure and fun.

♥, JL Arnaiz

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