Blanket Over Jacket

It was quite a rainy morning in Taipei and I don’t want to leave the bed, thus the outfit… Lol!

Seriously, I was working on my pieces, mix and match whatever fits because I travelled light with just one hand carry luggage. So if you noticed my previous Taiwan looks, thigh high boots and faux fur are always present. Good thing I have this poncho, it makes this outfit totally different from the past looks.

I definitely think though that this is one of my best looks in my blogging history. Maybe because this is the first time I wore a poncho? Or maybe the faux fur blend perfectly with the whole look? Or probably the accessory didn’t miss out? I don’t know, I just love the whole look. I’m not being narcissistic or something, okay maybe a bit, but I just love the classic feels of these shots. If you agree with me, scroll down until the last photo =)

   Top – Surplus / Pants – Crissa Jeans / Boots – Lazada / Poncho – Lazada / Fauz Fur – Lazada / Cap – Lazada / Accesory – Forever21

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