Cherry on Top


Friday blog day! Haven’t you noticed? Lol!

So this is the first installment of my Davao blog post, starting of course with an OOTD. The second half, which I will be posting next week, is all about my Davao staycation, just some photos from my literally 2 day trip to Davao. Not really travel photos (did I mention staycation?) so it’ll be just a few random photos. If you’re too nosy, you might want to check it out next week, kidding! Seriously, I think I took some really good shots for a day and you should definitely watch out for it, because… Effort is real? Lol!

So here’s a quick look of what I wore during my staycation, and it was really quick, just a few shots and then pooof! My husband a.k.a photographer was definitely not in the mood to take photos that time I had to drag him out of the bed like, hey, I had this makeup on my face just for this show and you won’t take the camera? C’mon!

I guess wife still rules eh? Horrayy! Haha!


Dress – Lynsey’s Closet Collection / Earrings – Handmade by Strozzi


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