Thirty three is quite a number for me because I just turned 33 couple of weeks ago =)

Truth is, age makes me so insecure for some really personal reasons. And yes, at this age, I should be adulting more and not writing crazy diaries which I call blog. I can hear other people say “grow up, social media is not for your generation, live your age…” That makes me feel like I am over a hundred years old who don’t deserve to be posting photos like this.

Today’s post though is going to be so narcissistic you might not even continue to read it, but if you still feel like reading this to the bottom, I would really worship you like god, kidding! If not, then you might just miss something crazy we have in common.

Let me share with you 33 random facts about me eh?

I haven’t been to the gym my entire life

I wore a Php 50 thrifted dress during my college graduation because my parents won’t buy me a new dress

I was almost kidnapped at the age of 16. This guy claimed I was his wife. He was in prison for 2 years while the trial was ongoing. At the end he was only convicted for 6 months for Grave Coercion

I always eat fast food every night after I go out of work at 11pm

I broke up with my first two boyfriends because they kissed me, the third one was an asshole because he didn’t

I only have 3 makeup essentials – BB cream, eye liner and lipstick

I only have 3 books since, after college, – The Secret, Greatest Salesman in the World and Greatest Salesman in the World 2

At one point, I ran away home, slept in an abandoned house and had a friend feed me lunch and dinner

I always have nightmares when I mistake dreams for reality. I only recognize it is a dream once I realize some details are off the grid or when I found out I wake up again for the second time or when I see myself sleeping. I usually shout so hard or break a bone to make a movement for me to really wake up and once I am awake, I try to remember simple details like my phone number or my complete address to make sure I am not trapped in my dream

I don’t usually wear high heels, I only have heels for photoshoots and sometimes, for very special occasions

I don’t have a certain skin routine at night, or even at daytime. I don’t usually apply lotion, I do not do cleanser, toner and stuffs. Whenever I wear makeup, I only use micellar water to remove it

Went to Disneyland Hongkong few years back, and only had 1 ride because I hate queuing

My favorite Disney stories are Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella

I worked as a part time student in Jollibee for 3 months just enough to save for my tuition because I failed in Electronics and my parents will not pay for my retake

When I was in college, my Chemistry professor kissed me on my cheek in front of the class when I asked him a favor. I was so embarassed I reported it to the Guidance Counselor but was advised going against a professor would be a scandal to me and to the university. So I transferred to a different school

At the age of 10, I stabbed my classmate with scissors on his arm because he had a crush on me and he was gross

I used to have a job as a content writer. I wrote about modeling, fashion, trending stories and advertisements for Amazon.com. I love the job but the pay sucks

I am more of a tea person than coffee, I palpitate when I drink coffee

When I was in senior highschool, our school got caught in fire 3 months before graduation. It was burned totally and we have to graduate on a different school’s stage

I watched Game of Thrones because my husband literally forced me to watch it. Now we can’t wait for the last season

I have been working in the hospitality for 10 years now. I love the challenge of meeting different people and having different experiences at work everyday. But I am still a very shy person =)

My home remedy for pimples: alcohol. And it never failed me, pimples gone in 2 days

I am not a morning person. I usually wake up between 10 and 11am

I don’t know how to dance. I don’t know any sports. Now I wonder how I got through with college

I once applied for a modeling agency when I was college. I was asked to wear bikinis on our go- see. It didn’t went so well after, the photographers were perverts and sold our photos to foreigners online

Someone asked me to drop my hair care, guess what? I only use shampoo, conditioner and a hair serum

There are certain styles that you won’t see me wear, like fanny packs and corduroys

Raised by a Christian family having undergone a lot of breaking points and overbearing hypocrisy from people who go to church every Sundays and claimed to regularly pray, small part of me still believes in God but most of me believes on a higher being not necessarily called God

When I go shopping, I want to go alone. I hate someone tailing me, I can’t concentrate with my shopping =)

My type of relaxation is an hour of massage and a good movie to watch

I only wear makeup during events; at work, I only put on lipstick

When I was in grade school, I joined a writing competition and I overheard one of the judges talking about me and how lousy I am as a writer. I stopped writing for a while because of it.

I love horror movies, especially those with so many jump scares.

And here’s a trivia, do you know it took me almost a week to complete all thirty three facts? Yes. Sometimes, it takes a whole lot of time to think about me and sometimes, experiences just flow naturally. In fact, this time I still have a lot of beans to spill, but since I have reached the maximum limit, I am going to leave it for next year when I turn 34, hahaha! =) ‘Til then…

2 thoughts on “33

  1. guess what, i read all of it! it was actually fun going through all those random stuff about you. i especially liked the boyfriends bit. that was funny.

    also, happy birthday! 🙂

    and, no, your writing doesn’t suck. that judge was being a dickhead.

  2. Appreciate you taking time to read this post. Been so busy for the past few months, esp this month. Christmas season, as you know, is really crazy here in Pinas =)

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