If The Cap Fits…

Anytime is always the best time to go to the beach, especially when you live in a country with over seven thousand islands. Naturally being an island girl, I always can’t get enough of the beach, and ironically, I don’t know how to swim.

And because I have a new cap which I got from New Era Ph, one of the sponsors of the first ever influencer’s bazaar in Cebu held a couple of months ago, I was thinking it would be high time to flaunt my cute cap and ditch beach hats at the moment. My husband kinda loves the ensemble, so you might be seeing a lot of caps and denim shorts from me in the next few days.

The rash guard suit I am wearing right now also adds up to my new favorites, second on the list after this pink cap. I’m not that two piece kind of beach bum so I always play around with one piece, and this is definitely a great find which I got from Sky Castle Ph. For someone who wants to hide their belly deposits, huge muscles and bare a little cleavage, this suit is totally perfect, and it’s absolutely perfect for me.

Well, typhoon’s over, let’s hit the beach more often yah?




Swimsuit – Sky Castle Ph / Shorts – Lyndsy’s Collection / Cap – New Era Ph / Sandals – Marikina Shoe Center

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