Gingham Style

How did gingham became a fashion staple in a wink of an eye? Like a thief in the night, gingham prints stole the show and in every store you go, you are always welcomed with the sight of these checkered lines somewhere in the corner.

The last time I remember, gingham prints were only worn in McDonalds. Remember their iconic gingham uniform in blue that meets you at the counter when you make your order? And oh, I don’t know if you’ve been through this, but the last time I wore gingham, maybe half a decade ago or so, I was bullied for wearing a fast food uniform on a certain occasion. No offense, I love their uniform as I love gingham prints, but way way back, these prints were simply associated to either McDonalds or restaurant table napkins and it’s just a little weird if you wear them on streets. I guess it’s the least of my concerns now that it’s back on the spotlight =)

As certain as you can see, I can now wear gingham in this coffee shop without getting bugged and for some reasons, this skirt became my instant favorite. It has stylish ruffles but not overdone, it’s simple but printed, and I can pair it with any of my shirt in my closet. There are lots of similar designs on this skirt but the most convenient way you can get one like this without breaking a bank is from Zalora, which is apparently where I got mine.

Top – Vintage / Skirt – Zalora / Shoes – Metro Stores / Bag – Lazada / Sunnies – APM Mall

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