Old Rose

I used to love bright pink, neons or any striking color you can think of –  which explains why my wedding was all about fuchsia and purple half a decade ago. But I guess when we grow older, our perception on colors change. The one thing that will never change in time I guess is my love for classy looks and laces.

Notwithstanding the trend, I think I am beginning to love a not- so- bright pink and anything inclined to dusty pink. In fact, I call old rose the pink of the thirties (thirties like my age). And yes, I was supposed to post this look for Pink October which obviously didn’t make the cut because I am running behind schedule.

Anyway, here’s a pink of the thirties look with some millennial touches (I am referring to the cut outs at the back of the dress showing off my proud cellulite) and a whole lot of laces. Huge thanks to my blogger photographer Ching of http://www.chingsadaya.com for her patience to achieve these few decent shots out of the hundred weird and unbecoming poses she has to deal with =)


Dress – Mimosa Ladies Wear / Shoes – SoFab /  Earrings – Handmade by Strozzi


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