Black Sings the Blues

As you may already know, I am so fond with black on black look, but today I wear black to sing the blues out of me.

I am not usually the kind of person who loves to tell stories especially when it is not about fashion or anything related to what my blog is all about. But today, I am going to sing the blues out of this heavy heart hoping things would get lighter on the inside.

Here’s how the story goes…

The dad is nowhere to be found as of this writing, threatening suicide because he is a night owl who hides in the shadows of his religion, hence severing ties with his family. The mom is on a major breakdown with the dad’s lies after lies.

The dad, who is a serial cheater, couldn’t find any issues about cheating because after all, he raised his children well and served the church wonderfully. One summer this year, the dad promised to change but just a week ago, the mom caught the dad cheating again. The dad was mad as dog when his children confronted him Tuesday morning he almost got a heart attack, walked out and drove away to oblivion.

Heartbreaking, and the black says it all…











Top – Vintage / Skirt – Simon+ / Shoes – Parkmall / Bag – Kimbel / Sunnies – SM Accessories / Choker – Pop District Bazaar / Watch – Dior

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