Neutrals for Weddings

Everything around me these past few weeks talks about wedding. Just last week, Waterfront Hotel had the biggest wedding fair in the city with the renowned fashion designers of the country showcasing their grandest and most sought pieces. These collections include the iconic wedding gowns worn by celebrities on some events and in movies.

My (not so) little sister’s wedding is also coming off quickly next week. It was only yesterday when we shrugged off the idea of her getting married because she couldn’t seem to find the one, I guess we got it wrong.

Earlier this year, I was asked to write something about wedding etiquette here in my blog for some gorgeous online wedding page but I was uninspired so I passed. Now I will be talking just exactly about that in as brief as I could.

Unless you are a part of the entourage with a specific set of outfit requirement or unless it is suggested by the marrying couple, it is always a mortal sin to wear something white on a wedding.

You don’t have to always wear the motif color. Worst scenarios are, your clothes might just match the table cloths or you might just wear the dress the bridesmaid is wearing, and you’re not even a part of entourage. A neutral color is highly suggested on these occasions.

And lastly, most weddings call for formal outfits (unless it’s a themed wedding like boho or the like). Red tie events however don’t really mean you have to wear a dress. By all means wear pants if you are not comfortable with skirts, but definitely no jeans. Treat the occasion right as what the couple wanted it to be.

So if you are attending a wedding soon, maybe you should consider my suggestions ☺

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