Playing Flame

Tomorrow marks the new year for the Chinese and they call it the Year of the Red Cock, Kung Hei Fat Choi!

I am not born in the year of the rooster but because the lucky colors for this year are red, brown and yellow, I decided to translate the Year of the Red Cock into this look. I heard Ox will have an amazing year this 2017 too along with rooster and snake, so why not wear the shades of the playing flame?

Honestly, I am not a very big fan of predictions, I don’t even have a single gem or jade at home to ward off “bad spirits”. But it’s fun to know what’s in store for us this year and it doesn’t hurt to be cautious on some things that may come along the way. So if you are an Ox like me, here are three fun predictions we are about to go through this 2017:

  • Flow of wealth will be great, however, large spending and heavy investment should be avoided (I think this is not something we should be wary of, I mean, c’mon, if you spend a lot more than you can handle, you are literally bound to fail, balance is everything not just for Ox but for everyone)
  • This year will be great for your career (unless you really screw things up, then I guess you have to face the normal consequences regardless if you’re an Ox or not)
  • There will be great opportunities to develop love relationship (calling all single Ox’s, now is your chance!)

To conclude, just do your best this year. Even if you are not born in the Year of the Dragon (who, btw, are known to be the luckiest this year), you can still be the luckiest person alive depending on how you define luck and how you made it work for you.












Top – Metro Dep’t. Store / Skirt – Thrifted / Blazer – Thrifted / Shoes – Art Work / Clutch – GG5 & Co.

3 thoughts on “Playing Flame

      1. i’m in melbourne and yeah, australia being very multicultural as it is, there were some celebrations in the city, as well as in the suburbs that are predominantly asian. i missed the major ones. not that i was intending to go.

        i did see the dragon dance at the mall on that day, though. that was pretty much it, as far as my chinese new year experience is concerned. hehe.

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