Go Boho

Today let me overload you with boho goodness!

Let’s bring out the checklist for that perfect boho look, shall we? Starting with fringes, check! Floppy Hat? Check! Printed Sheer? Check! Laced Boots? Check! Layers of Accessories? Definitely a check!

Accessorized and shoot by a talented designer who is known for its artistic and unique handmade jewelry creations, Strozzi once again never fails to deliver just the right frills for this look. With a long list of credits which recently include a full-page feature in Preview Magazine August this year and a video feature from a local News segment, there’s just no stopping her from conquering the country’s fashion industry.

Check out her page http://www.strozzistawzeeh.com and get to see lots of awesome hand cut pieces that you can wear at any time.








8 9


Dress – Ziya Clothing / Shoes – Chelsea / Bag – Nima / Hat – SM Accessories / Accessories – Handmade Strozzi

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