Rain Is Coming

Who wouldn’t love to feel the raindrops on their hair after months of drought?

I’ve had enough of biting heat and sticky sweat and I look forward to rainy days this June. I know, I know… Sun is every blogger’s best friend and I wouldn’t argue with that, in fact, I blamed the drizzle for breaking my first camera which broke my bank for many months. But seriously, the heat these days is totally intolerable and fiery compared to last year or so. I can just remember when I was in grade school, my teacher used to say to reuse, reduce, recycle and avoid stuffs with CFC’s because they ruin our ozone layer, I guess nobody took our grade school teachers seriously, and now it’s payback time, I guess…

If I am a scientist, I would probably be in my desk right now trying to figure out how to make a synthetic ozone layer to protect earth from the imbalances of nature. But because I am a fashion blogger, I do my thing- go out and find that perfect weather, dress up like fashion bloggers do and have my photos taken… Do I make sense? Haha… Like I do want to make a difference and save Mother Earth but when it comes to clothes, I drop everything and strike a pose =)

 3216 5


4 7

Top – Cotton On / Scarf – Metro Department Store / Leggings – Forever21 / Shoes – MY / Bag – Parisian / Hat – Bench

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