Summer To-Do List


Oh it’s summer and I love it! I’m so ecstatic that I’m back in Cebu because I get to enjoy the beach in just a few minutes ride. Back when I was in Bacolod, I have to travel three hours or so just to feel the white sands in my feet and by the time we reach the beach, I am already in a sweat-dizzy mode. So yeah, I couldn’t be more thankful.

I have everything lined up for this summer. Here are the things that I want to go about this couple of months and I hope you can help me figure out some things along the way. Oh I’m so excited! Here’s the list…

Go whale-watching in Oslob

I really really want to go underwater and go upclose with these friendly creatures but there’s one problem, I don’t know how to swim. It’s a sad story for an island girl like me but I don’t want to stay in the boat and wait for the whales to show up, I want to go deep.

Β Wear a set of Triangl

As a fashion writer, I found myself writing swimsuits for different body types and I realize triangls are certainly not for rectangle shaped body like me. But screw it, I need to get one of those.

Go Island Hopping

Can anybody please take me to Pandanon island again? Or to the beautiful island of Nalusuan? For free? Kidding! Oh well, jokes are half meant =) Seriously, I miss this kind of activity but I guess I have to gather one whole clan so I can have a boat to take me anywhere I want, basically.

Meet Old Friends and Relatives

I love summertime because old friends get together for a reunion and relatives from different places gather in one place to have fun. I do hope soon I will meet some old friends and have a little chit chat with them because I have not been around this place for almost 2 years and I just miss them all, though I also missed my friends on the other island too.

Go to Bantayan Island

I’m secretly plotting a vicious plan to join my sister’s company outing next month in Hoyohoy Resort in Bantayan Island and sneak into their villas at night, sounds like a good plan for me!
It’s one heck of a list and if I can’tΒ  knock off all five them of them this year, well there’s always summer in theΒ  years to come, lol! I hope you’ll have a wonderful summer and don’t forget to tell me your stories, I love stories! =)
β™₯, JL Arnaiz

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