The Vainyard Turns 2!


Exactly 2 years ago, I started this little online fashion farm and called it “The Vainyard”. I didn’t have any idea back then about blogging. All I have was the passion to dress up and try to look good and pose photos and write, and that’s what I have up until now, except I gained a few really gorgeous followers and amazing online friends I can never see in person because they live across the globe.


Well I am certainly not a fashion icon, I don’t wear designer clothes and stunning outfits, and I definitely don’t make  really good money doing this (though it’s never meant to be a business, but earning while blogging is really awesome, right?) But along the way, I learn a lot of stuffs about blogging, about fashion, about other cultures and other people’s thoughts when I follow them back. And these stuffs drive me to write more, post more, and continue to do  things I love  to do. So today, let me share some lessons in life I learned from my 2  years of blogging:


 And when I say price, it doesn’t only mean money; it could be a life given to save humankind, or a job lost to keep a family, or in my simple blogging case, it could mean eating street food instead in a restaurant, or watching DVDs at home instead of going to the cinema so that I can shop the extra bucks saved. And if there’s one thing I learned about being shopaholic and being a career woman and a wife and how much I am willing to sacrifice, it’s that there’s a thin line between desire and addiction, and it’s separated by self control.


Don’t confuse Confucius when he said “do unto others what you want others do unto you” because it simply doesn’t work that way. Just because you hyped their photos doesn’t mean they’ll vote yours, or just because you followed them doesn’t mean they’ll have do the same. To avoid the give and take trap, how about giving what we receive instead? Think about the things we don’t deserve but was given to  us, and in return, give them to those who truly deserves. It’s not just a noble act, it’s showing the world that we have more than enough and we are sharing it to others.

intro nothing

Ever tried watching 1 whole season of a TV series for 2 straight days you don’t feel like getting up for work or doing your routine because you felt like you are already part of the story?  That’s just how social media works, it shows you a different world, however, it allows you to participates and create your own character; that’s when you come up with your own show. I put up a show that I have great clothes, some put up happy faces in Instagram to prove their lives can’t get any better, some tried to blog about living life to the fullest behind their miserable lives. Sure some are really sincere online (I am, ahem…) and yes, we can learn a lot of things online too, but getting too involved in this social media show to please our online friends and get more likes and votes, or getting more followers and put our bar of emotions on the standards of this web world makes us lose ourselves (this goes for me as well). So it’s very important to surround ourselves with the people we love and those who loves us- enjoy life with them, go out with them, because they are the ones who show us who we really are, and not the social media who dictates us who we should be.

Okay, so I am not a learned person, God knows there’s a lot of things out there I need to learn; those are just some stuffs blogging taught me. And you might not agree with me on what I wrote, but honestly, that’s how I feel about this whole blogging thing. So…Tell me what you think, and let’s talk about it… =)

 ♥, JL Arnaiz


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