Retro ♥


I was tossing around if I’ll do a post today or not, obviously I did. I know it’s kinda selfish when I am talking about my OOTD while the rest of my family is mourning for the death of my granny just yesterday. Believe me, it’s difficult for me too, though we’re not really that close with my granny, I feel really sad for my pa whose suffering the most at this time.

So this retro style right now is dedicated to my granny who loves midi skirts more than anyone do, and believe me, she’s an authentic retro lover (by age).

Sequencing of these photos might just tell you a bit of a story. And the story goes like this- I just got out from the powder room, then I took a jar of water and get a bowl of fruits and put it in the table, and every time I do these stuffs, I have to stop for a while so that my sister can take these photos, lol! This is not even my kitchen to begin with. Anyway, I’m all about mixing prints today with my zebra prints head tie, to my stripes top down to my leafy midi skirt. Mixing prints can be very outrageous and absurd, to keep it low key, it’s best to go monochrome and stick to a common color just like black and white. Tell me if you love the way I mixed prints today =)

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Top – Mayfair / Skirt – Thrifted / Shoes - S & H / Head Piece - 1888 / Earrings - Kosas Botique

Baby Let’s Cruise


Now, before you think I was on a  cruise ship wasting my hard earned money for this kind of luxury, I was just actually sneaking in at Cowrie Cove in Shangri-La with my pretty photographer (my sister =) while the resto was still close. If you have any plans to give me a birthday present which will be in a couple of weeks, then this might just be your hint… Haha!  Maybe someday I’ll have the chance to go on board, but for now, let’s pretend that I’m actually in a luxury vacation.

If, indeed, I am in a cruise ship right now, I would wear this same outfit. This adorable jumpsuit gives me a breath of fresh air; and the blazer adds elegance to this flowy summery suit. One perfect combo for outdoor fun!  Now, wearing one piece with busy prints like this might be unflattering, so I made sure to emphasize some curves by wearing this huge belt on my waist, otherwise I might look like a walking curtain =) The only problem I have with jumpsuits (and playsuits) happen in the rest room – now imagine taking this huge belt, untying the bow, unbutton the top and taking it off all the way down before you can finally do your thing. Like honestly, this is indeed my most comfortable outfit ever until you get to the rest room =) 2 10 44a 6 7 9 

Jumpsuit – Saranggola / Heels – Vintage / Blazer - Betty by SM / Belt – SM Accessories / Sunnies – Pacific Blue / Accessories- Cartier

Sweet Child Of Mine


It’s time to close the curtains for August and look forward to Christmas Season! Oh yes, September marks the start of the chilly winds and colorful lights and funny lanterns hanging in almost every houses here. I don’t know, but whenever I talk about Christmas, a certain kind of sadness overwhelms my emotions I have to remind myself what the season is truly all about to make that eery feeling go away. Anyway, I am now blogging all the way from Cebu! I just got here yesterday to make some really important life decisions.

So…What do we got here? Okay, I was trying to recreate a festival sort of boho look today with my floral crowns and braided head band altogether, my lace top and this cute studded denim, and my ankle boots. Like honestly, if we have Coachella in the Philippines,I would wear this exact- same look to the festival, or maybe an additional kimono would be better =)

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