Boyfriend Jeans


Friday Blog Day has just been changed to Sunday for now and it might be changed  in the next few weeks into  different days; thanks, no thanks, to “tooooot!…” Seriously, this week is a tough one for me, funny how I am totally at odds over my excitement last week. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I guess this is what they call life. So today, lemme show you the life that I am talking about that makes it harder for me to take  photos and blog – the corporate life.

This is my second installment under business casual look with a corporate top and a tattered bottom. The magic is all in the blazer- and- heels combo; whether you are wearing distressed shorts, or a pair of ripped jeans, or a jersey dress, the blazer makes all the difference. For my case, my blazer and overused simple black pumps give elegance to this casual Cotton On tank top and this other thrifted piece, my denim bottom . And oh, for the record, I’ve been wanting a pair of boyfriend jeans since last year but when I couldn’t find any (you can say I used to live in a less metro area with less resources, too bad), I have to go to the Thrift Store and have to literally take this over sized pants. No regrets though, this piece is really comfortable with my belts on.

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Top – Cotton On / Blazer – Thrifted / Boyfriend Jeans – Thrifted / Shoes – S & H / Necklace – Collector’s Home / Bag – Vintage

True Blue


There are a lot of things that make me especially happy this start of October, and I mean a lot! ‘Won’t be spilling the beans yet but surely this month is going to be as exciting as yours. But there’s this one thing that keeps me blue, that is being away from my husband for a couple of months or so. Cheesy I know, c’mon! We’re kinda sorting things out with regards to our career so for the meantime I’ll be without my official photographer, and that’s gonna be a real bad news to my sissies as they will have to do that job =)

So anyway, let’s all take a break from all this fuss around, take a little stroll in the beach with me, and don’t take October too seriously! =) Blending in with the clear sky and the calm waves is my blue maxi dress with butterfly prints all over it. I know you’re thinking it might be floral again, in fact I thought I was wearing floral again until I saw the photos and realized they’re actually butterflies! Okay, with some floral feature =) And I know I placed my fedora hat in the most unlikely place below which is right in front of my face, but hey, Beyonce’s Fashion Book Cover is more awkward than this =)


Dress – Silver Glance / Sandals – So Fab / Fedora Hat - Rose Wholesale / Belt – SM Accessories / Bracelet – Cartier

Extra Terrestrial


Let’s bid September an extra terrestrial goodbye with the rising of this galaxy skirt from the deepest corner of my closet. So… How’s your September so far? I hope you it’s an awesome month for you as it is for me! I could be a little bias here because it’s my birthday month, and for my husband as well, but really, this month is just full of blessings and surprises and I couldn’t be more grateful in my life!

So as I kiss September goodbye, I decided to go edgy and dark and sweet… I wish I could show you more about my look today, but some things are just bound to fail. Like? My hair… I “colored chalk” my hair with green, but can you see a single hint of color in it? Nada=( A slimy highlight would have been cute, I guess this is a lesson learned that chalks only work on blackboards and not in the hair, lol! But I think I did a good job though pairing this cute H & M “NYC Never Sleeps” shirt and my vintage galaxy skirt… And next time when I get to wear this shirt again, I would show you the magnificent side view of this low cut sleeve top =)

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 Top – Divided by H & M / Skirt – Vintage / Vest – H & M / Shoes - MY / Sunglasses - Ziya / Watch – Singapore Chinatown